Our Purpose is to Create Functional Design for Evolving Brands.

About Us
Our Story
Watermelon is a New Delhi based creative agency specializing in Branding and Advertising. We enjoy designing memorable touch points and creating engaging brand experiences.

Watermelon was founded in 2020 by Brand Designer and Art Director Sugandha Kharya, with Copywriter and Brand Strategist, Amit Meena.

Sugandha has previously worked with brands like Uniqlo, Adidas Originals, Reebok, Keventers, Oyo, Airtel, Times Group and Budweiser.

Collaboration is at the heart of our approach. We work with like-minded people and forward-thinking brands on creating brand systems, and communication collaterals that help them in scaling up and building meaningful relationships with their customers.

Why ‘Watermelon’, you wonder? Because we are transported to our happy places at the mention of the word; and as a workplace, we strive to be all things Watermelon - Fun, Fresh, Jaunty, Summery, Dancing-ey, Harry Stylesey. You get the drift.
Creative Strategy / Branding
Brand System Design
Packaging / Collateral Design
Film / Photography
Copywriting / Communication
Art Direction / Creative Direction
3D Design / Illustrations
Advertising / Campaign Development
Websites / Digital Deliverables
Design Consultancy / Design Retainer
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